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The New World Pasta Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods, is a retail branded pasta manufacturer in North America.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed Wesbite: "The New World Pasta Company is the worse place I’ve ever worked in my life. All the machines are basically held together with tape so they breakdown every other few minutes. The mechanics are a joke they don’t know how to fix nothing and don’t even come and will tell you".


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Paul Sebastian Ui Cuirc says

"I ordered on the 27th of August. An ipad for 430 euros. I have been given false information from start to finish. They're ignoring my emails. One of the tracking numbers says it was delivered by dpd in the UK and signed for by Luciano on the 16th of September. I want to get my money back now. I have used them before but this is hopeless. I also ordered a Pocophone F2 pro and managed to cancel and get my money back because it was processing for over a week. Every email response you get comes from the same person called Markus and it's not very helpful. This is a pretty disastrous service. This item cost virtually half a grand. 500 euros."

Mark O'Donovan says

"I previously ordered a pair of headphones and they arrived without issue 5 days after. Based on this I decided to risk ordering a phone for €348 only to be told that the item was out of stock and would arrive within a week. Having been given the runaround by 'Markus' I was issued a tracking number indicating that my phone had shipped. After two weeks the status of the parcel has remained 'PARCEL DEPARTED FROM RETAILERS FACILITY' I contacted the courier company and received confirmation that they have not received any parcel matching the tracking number provided. BE EXTREMELY WARY OF THESE CON ARTISTS!!!! I purchased many items from Mainland China without issue. These Hong Kong based criminals are just scumbags."

Kevin M says

"It is actually shocking how much of a runaround you get from customer service. I dealt with a 'Markus' who gave vague and generic responses when seeking an update on my order which was supposedly dispatched but the courier have no evidence they ever received the item. No assurances have been given my order has been filled and sent. Customer service stopped responding to me altogether once I caught them giving false info. They took my money and are now ignoring me. They tried to place any blame and delays on the courier to delays matters. My experience means I don't trust them in the slightest and will discourage anyone from engaging with them and certainly from giving them any money. I am currently trying to get a full refund as I never received my order."

customer says

"Did not get the item i ordered"

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